cindy sturla watercolors


My journey as a painter began when my mother took me to the Art Institute of Chicago when I was very young.  I fell in love with a painting by Renoir and as a special gift, my mother bought me my first art book from the museum store; a small book of paintings of Renior.  I cherished the book.  During subsequent visits to the Art Institute, I  collected the series of books including Monet, Degas, Manet, Seurat, and others.  I was hooked.

Like the Impressionists, I work primarily from life. It’s all about the light.  Whether I grab my easel and head outside to paint “en plein air” or work in a studio from a still life or a model, my focus is capturing the moment and revealing it through my art.  I want the viewer to experience what I see and feel.  After all, art is about the heart. 

This collection of work is my view of the world through my eyes and my heart.  I have spent the past 12 years painting Florida “en plein air” as the Impressionists did in Europe.  My passion has been to capture the fleeting moments of a place in time.  In painting the Florida landscape, it has become more and more about preserving the fragile beauty of this place.  With the growth of Florida, precious areas are disappearing.  That being said, I have gone outside of Florida to other parts of the U.S. and beyond to paint what may not be around in the future. 

My work also includes florals, portraiture, still lifes, and figures.  I hope you enjoy my website.


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

“It is absolutely vital to work from life and become a true observer of nature.  Not only does it make you a better artist, but it gets you in touch with  the world around you. There is an energy and spirit that comes while working on location.  It is that energy and spirit I try to convey in my work.”

Artist Statement: